Thursday, July 29, 2010

CWG ki khul gayi pol, beech sadak fat gaya dhol!!!

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Are we excited about these games? Yes, if you are a journalist. Yes, if you are a policeman. Yes, if you are a labor. Yes, if you are anyone than a Delhite. Because we hate these games!!!

I, as a common person living in Delhi, want to vent out my feelings today.
The government initiated these games with a budget of 345 crores but it has already reached 35K crores and only the government knows that where will this figure be by the end of these Games. Frankly speaking, we wouldn't have mind these games being held in Delhi if it had done some good to it. But it has not. All it has given us are roads with some creatively done potholes, flooded drains, days long jams (deliberately not written hours. I didn't want to insult the jams at least!), week long power cuts, cunningly raised prices of vegetables and so on and so forth.

In a country where the average income of a person in a day is something less than Rs. 7, why did the government had to flaunt its treasure by bidding for these games. Can we afford these? Is this only a way to show that we are developing. NO. Why couldn't our government ever take some sane decisions? WHY??

I know the list of question is endless. But the point that I want to drive home is that its high time that we accept ki its not only difficult but highly impossible for us to match countries like China, England etc. when it comes to hosting international sporting events. And also winning medals in those events. when China hosted Olympics in 2008, they topped  the medal tally with a total of 100 medals. Any guesses as to where will we be in this year's CWG? My heart aches to even think about this.

The bottom line is that there is no need and the government has no right to spend the taxpayers' money on such 'futile' things. Instead, its high time that it opens its eyes to face the reality and a frustrated Delhite!
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  1. Agree with you totally! A country having 22% people below the poverty line should not be spending money on organizing such events.

  2. brilliant outpour of feelings! the government has seldom done things that could give the taxpayers their money's worth.

    this is India, ain't it?