Monday, August 2, 2010

Is the Indian voter responsible?

Hardly a day of our life passes when we don't curse the government for our endless problems. When we don't say that who the hell voted them to power??? Don't we know who the "Hell" is that? Its WE.

We discuss a lot about the politics, a lot about happening in here, how it is ruined and stuff. We have our own suggestions for various problems. We have our own take about the various situations and yes, of course who should have been in power and who should have been not. But one question that we all forget to ask everyone and ask ourselves is that when it comes to cast a vote, how active we are? Since the time we got our Voter IDs made, how many times have we casted a vote?

Its easy to blame others for your problems but difficult to accept the fact that our problems are because of us. Because of our insensible voting culture. Because of our biased nature towards the political parties. When we go out to vote its very rare that we weigh the candidates on the basis of their education, their background, their promises and their agendas. Its usually one political party Vs another. One caste Vs another. One community Vs another but hardly issues Vs resolutions, corrupt Vs clean or educated Vs uneducated or good Vs best.

The important question is that why can't the Indian voter grow up, listen to what the nation demands from it, rise above the party politics and give birth to an educated, sensible Indian Political system.

Introspection is what is required!


  1. interesting again! good question; but the sad part is - we all know the answer and yet we refuse to do anything about it...

    i consider myself as a cause to all of the misery as well... i don't have a voter's id and do not even vote.

    i need to do some course correction too... blaming someone else is easy; but not definitive!

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  4. Human is bound to err. Human politics world over has problem in one or the other way. But in India we can think, evaluate and generate at atmosphere for divine politics which is not possible in other countries. We should concentrate our energies to change the politics for all time betterment instead short cuts. Plz visit
    Global Parliament for Ram Rajya

  5. @aatmayogi: was an interesting group. Joined it. And I completely second your thoughts. Just that we need to think harder and make a correct choice. Hight time we do it.