Saturday, September 26, 2015

Concern or Prying?

It was usually a ritual for us to have an approval of the entire clan before carrying out an activity. And, usually when one inquired for something from us, we could not shy away or just walk away without giving an answer.

But was that in 18th century or we just came into the jet age where its all about I, Me and Myself?

Probably its about the mindset that we harbour these days. Both, the young generation and the old generation, seems to know-it-all. And, exactly this is where the clash happens. While the guardians are concerned about their younger ones' well being, their present and their future, the always-too-energetic generation next thinks it as an interference in their personal space and are ever ready to shun them out.

Now the next obvious question is who is right? the oldies or the yoingistan? who crossed that fine line between concern and prying, either way? I would say both of them. While the older ones will have to realise that the times change and so will have to be their attitude towards their fledglings who are abled enough to soar high into the skies. They will have to trust their upbringing and the values that are passed onto them. Give them space, please! But, at the same time the younger people will have to change the equation that they share will the senior people. Try and be friends with them and also try to take their advice in a sporting manner. Not always would they be wrong. They will have to trust their 'tazoorba' in life and not just run away from them and adopt to means like lying and evading them.

The fact is we all have to pass through the phase of 'kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi'. The gen next will become gen 'x' and same the face issues that gen 'x' comes across today.