Thursday, July 29, 2010

Educated Fools!

I was as usual waiting at the bus stop in the scorching heat of Delhi for a bus to Gurgaon. At 12:30 in the after noon, waiting at the bus stop, I felt like killing the person who started my company. Finally the lady bus arrived and I just stood at the stairs. It was so crowded that I didn't need to make my way. I was pushed inside the bus. Was it that the entire Delhi was travelling to Gurgaon at the same time or was it that HE has some scores to settle with me? I managed to squeeze myself in so that I could stand on my one leg as if I was doing some sort of tapasya. I hooked on to my cell phone to see what was FM playing and to get some respite from the auntie talks and all the non sense that was happening around.

The bus halts and a lady with four babies steps in to the bus. One baby still in her arms. All of them crying and howling. Chaos!! The lady was all hassled up and probably all the atoms inside her were in motion because of her kids..Well, she pulled and pushed and kicked almost everyone to balance her. But no one had the courtesy to get up and offer her a seat. I know we should not expect it from the ladies as they are too engrossed in their chit chats and 'gentle'men are not so gentle these days. However, I am a strong believer of the fact that if the government is providing us any benefits then we should avail it. Yes, I am talking about one seat in the ladies' row which was occupied by a handsome looking guy. All eyeballs rolled towards him with high expectations but that chap did not bother. An uncle ji tried to tell him but he never looked at him. Meanwhile our Mother India continued her struggle. Now this was getting on my nerves. I have this weakness of not able to digest any sort of injustice (poor me!). I went up to him, patted his shoulder once and called him. No reply. Another attempt. No reply. Fine! I snatched his phone and asked him to get up. He replied to my shock,"Why?".
"Because you have occupied a ladies' seat", I said.
"So what? I paid for the ticket"
"But the government reserve it for us" i replied
"I am not getting up", came the blatant reply.
"Okay, then wear this and behave as a proper lady", i told him while handing him my bangles to wear them.

That was it. Probably he was embarrassed. He got up, left the seat and got down at the very next stop.
Mother India was finally seated.
And I heaved a sigh of relief.

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