Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thoughts of a demented mind....

"Its crazy. Its stupid. Its funny. My mind keeps wandering to places..places unknown to me. it keeps thinking about people...people unknown to me and it keeps up popping ideas..ideas i never thought of. Why does my mind behave this way. I don't know and frankly speaking i don't even want to know. I gave up on solving this mystery long ago. Now I have actually started enjoying these random thoughts. 

My thoughts, my dreams are not mine yet they somehow represent me. They portray a part of me which still remains undiscovered. They bring out my feelings that have never been expressed. They give me wings to fly. They pamper me. Sometimes i feel that, is that real me? Am i living a life which is superficial. 
No. i dnt want to think this. 

Why does my mind betray me. Why does it want  to go to unknown spaces. Spaces where i explore myself, my virginity, my sexuality, my morals. My dreams seem to provide me a platform where i fulfill my hidden desires. An environment where i m my own boss and i have to care for no one's feelings and respect no ones' authority. I do what i want. They allow me to fantasize. They allow me to make myself happy. They allow me to break myself away from the shackles of life. I think and i act in my thoughts. and I don't regret for my actions. I am crazy, i m spontaneous, i am beautiful, i am sexy, i am my own goddess. I don't have to search my soul for any answers. I don't have to answer anyone. I am the most important thing. My dreams represent the carefree me.  I dream. And I will dream....."

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