Friday, September 25, 2015

Love Labour Lost

She was an enigma, then his girlfriend, then his better half, then his wife and then the mother of his kids.

There are a very few relations that can survive the journey from a girlfriend  to being a companion. Rest just die on this treacherous path.

But why does it happen so often?

Its difficult to answer this question as one might say but a slight introspection and one can see the contours of the answer.
The easiest explanation would be that priorities change as we grow in a relationship. For both, the man and the woman. For a woman the timeline shifts somewhat like this.  First its You and me, then her home, then kids, and then the deeds for a better afterlife. For a man, it probably is love, then family requirements, then body requirements and then that's about it. Amidst these priorities what one forgets is that the older when gets in a relationship, needier one gets of the other for anything and everything. And, it isn't that we don't know this universal truth and we don't realise it but we just hesitate to accept it pushing it to the back burner for once and for ever.
However, It is not difficult to maintain that romanticism and that 'rumaaniyat' in our relationships. A few quick glances at each other, once in a while rose, a wink when  one dresses up, a long hand in hand walk. Saste sundar and teekau upaay can save us from feeling lonely even when we are with our loved ones.

Just try and catch a few 'we' moments from 'our' lives and trust me life would not be less than a Yash Chopra movie for us.

Let that love not be lost in all the labour you do to put together that same love in your lives.

keep loving.

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